Friday, August 3, 2012

work hard ... play hard

  • May 2012     Today... I woke up at 6 am. By 7 am i was on a horse galloping across the wet, green pasture "chasing" cows while the sun tried to melt away the fog. By 7:30 I was in a cow pen, standing in cow poop, covered in swarming flies, climbing the fence to keep a crazy (justified) mama cow from plowing me over. She thought i was going to harm her 400 lb. baby. i could relate to her because that is how we good mamas roll when you try to mess with our babies. Today... I, with my best capable girl abilities was "helping" my boys and my man with the livelihood of our family and as always we got it done!! life is really good!!

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  1. I love your motto...might have to steal it for myself....hope that's okay!!