Saturday, August 25, 2012

our new cow "paw"

Remi helping Adam

the signature "bo" move... remi has got it down!!!
Adam brought Remi to work today.  his first day on the job as "cow dog".  he has a lot  to learn but for his first day he did really good.  he has so much energy and seems really eager to work.  his first meeting of the horses was interesting.  that had to be the largest animal he has ever encountered.  he learned pretty quick to stay with adam and follow behind his horse.  once he got the taste for pushing up the cows he loved it.  sometimes he did not know when to stop but he is getting really good at listening to adam and is a quick learner.  he and adam were working as a team.  even when adam was up on the platform at his sorting gate remi wanted to stand up there with him.  it was adorable and cow dogs are not supposed to be adorable but he is.  the crew will just have to deal with it.  i may work with remi but i am his nie-nie first. and yes, when we stopped for a break i gave him an oatmeal cake.  i will make sure he is treated just like the rest of the cowhands.  he also loved to stick his head under the fence and nip and bark at the cows as they came through the sorting pen from adam to me.  it reminded me so much of bo who was our cow dog for 14 years.  that was one of bo's trademark moves.  made my heart smile at the memory of it.  remi had a good day and i see a lot of potential in him.  adam was proud and so was i.  it will be fun having a cow dog again.  fun and productive.  there are so many ways a dog can make our jobs easier.  i am sure remi will not have to be rocked to sleep tonight.  he put in a good days work.  welcome to the crew, remi.  nie-nie loves you.

remi loves to ride!!

a love print from my granddog :)

a man and his dog... it's a beautiful thing

Atta boy!!!


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  2. So proud of your dog! How’s Remi by the way? Bet he’s used to being a cow dog by now. Kudos to you for rearing him up nicely. Have a great year!

    Darren Lanphere