Friday, August 3, 2012

lost my marbles and my bearings too!

July 2012 ....i got to plow today. actually all day. things were going good until i noticed on of my four turning things had stopped. adam said a bearing went out. i have heard that before, bearing went out in the tractor, baler, fluffer. i have always heard they were a pain in the butt to replace but had never seen it done. i figured go to napa get the part click old one off click new one on done and fixed. no! no! no! that is not how it is. my plow had 4 turning things with 6 blades on each. each blade had about 3or4 other parts with it. we had to take one of the turning things off and replace the bearing. the plow thingy is like a puzzle. like one of those 1000 piece black cat face puzzles that you can only see their eyes. only in the cat puzzle you can force pieces or cut pieces to fit and accidentally lose pieces you dont want to use. not so in the plow. there may have not been 1000 pieces but it seemed like a lot!!! it has to be put back together perfectly. i watched adam and mickey do this today as i tried to "help". it was like watching a very extreme surgery only better because after all it was adam and mickey. they passed each other tools and parts and pieces and before you knew it ... all done. i was amazed. so when you see a man (or woman) with dirty hands dont jump to conclusions. grease will not wash off. it just means they have been working hard. so please dont judge, or roll your eyes or shake your head.(especially if it is one of my people) it is part of the job. I LOVE FARMERS!!!! is it obvious enough!!

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