Friday, August 3, 2012

everything wears out

July 2012       i had a little more break downage today. i plowed yesterday with a leveling harrow (the other was an off setting harrow i am learning the proper names for my parts) for about 5 hours and had no problems. i had to go get my hair done (i still have my priorities straight and my boss completely understands). adam gets on the tractor and after 3 rows he has a bearing out! AHA! so my conspiracy theory has been busted wide open. adam says i sabotaged him. just for the public face book record....of all the people i could and would like to sabotage adam is not now and has never been one of them. i'm just sayin'! he got the bearing replaced and i went and got on the tractor this am. for 3 hours, no problem. then i look back to admire my work and uh oh i see dirt piling up. my first thought a dreaded demon bearing, or maybe my lucky day and just a rock caught in the blades. upon closer inspection i find that the big dang metal thick bracket holding my spinning thing with 6 discs on it to the actual plow has broken.( i said i was learning proper terms not that i knew them all).... like a twig. just like that. shut down again. i had to call adam who has now become my personal "fixer". i have been told that i can tear up an anvil with a hammer so this is no surprise. he did assure me that "this happens and it is a wear out thing" and the have already replaced a couple this week. (is anyone else seeing a pattern here) needless to say it requires welding, another thing you have to know how to do, to farm. so we go get the welding trailer and the bossman has to come help. they proceed to get down in the grass, in the hot sun and do this. sparks are flying everywhere and i am glad smokey the bear is no where to be seen. no worries i still have my yogi bear metal pipe and i could have taken him out if need be. after the weld cools adam and i get it back together (mostly adam). and i am off again. this is better than the off setting harrow because there is a board on the back to smooth what the discs have turned up. so i can tell where to go and where i have already been. i could learn to fix these things but i am a firm believer in the whole old dog no new tricks theory. i have to have some boundaries and i will learn the proper terms for my equipment but that is where i draw the line. i am so fortunate and so glad to have the best "fixers" in the world to come to my rescue. I LOVE FARMERS!!!

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