Friday, August 3, 2012


July 2012      i was gonna skip posting about today on the farm because i thought it would just be a normal day but what the heck was i thinking. it is never normal on the farm. i plowed again, yes the same field. not so easy the second time because it is hard for me to tell where to go next in an already plowed field. i have never been able to walk or draw a straight line so i am not sure why they thought i could plow a straight line. i managed to finish and got moved to another field. just when i got the whole straight line thing down adam shows me how to go diagonal. please..... are you serious. what ever happened to just go straight and turn around and do it again. anyway i do as i am told and proceeded in the cross pattern. thought i was doing okay and looked back to make sure and guess what????? one of the four tires on my plow just fell off. not flat, not blew up, not wiggled, just fell off. so i had to make the dreaded call to adam. and guess what 
he said??????? the dang bearing went out in my tire. again with the bearing. he affectionately called me the bearing queen but it did not have so much affection in it, i felt more like the bearing nazi. needless to say it was easier to fix than the bearing yesterday. and when he looked at the other tires we had another one go out too. 3 bearings on MY plow in 2 days. exactly who is making these little demons called bearings. i smell a conspiracy. adam and pug assured me that this is a "wearing out" thing and i didn't really break anything. pug added that this could even happen to a perfect person. i said, oh so it happens to you and he answered " well no, doesn't happen to me very much" :) yes i still LOVE farmers, especially mine!!

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