Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Where’s the beach?? Aye!

trip 189

My sweet honey works harder than anyone I have ever known.  Peanut season was upon us and he thought we only had a week before it started…he checked again and realized we had two weeks instead.  He decided we needed to take a trip before it started because he knew how much work was ahead of him.  When a man that works this hard says “let’s go” I just say where and when???…he replied Canada and 3 days from now…so yes we planned, booked, and packed for an 8 day trip in 3 days.  I am happy to say I did not choke him before, during, or after the trip.

Our morning started out early…we had a 7 am flight from Tampa which meant getting there at 5 am which meant leaving our house at 3 am…and yet no choking.  Upon arrival I had to go potty…big mistake…I washed my hands…its how I roll…as we passed the security check they ran a small piece of paper over my hands and put it in a machine and an alarm went off.  I was asked to take my luggage to a side room for a more thorough security check.  I was calm…Pug came and stood guard at the door of a very small room.

These two ladies who were very nice proceeded to explain exactly what they were about to do…needless to say I WAS NOT asked to remove any clothing…I would have had a major throw down….I mean REALLY…anyway after a thorough molestation of my personal self (the lady was very professional and gentle) they searched my luggage and gave me the okay…I was relieved and only slightly ticked and that was only because it was 5 am and I am NOT a morning person. After a closer inspection in the mirror I saw the dark circles under my puffy eyes and I could have easily been mistaken for a drug dealer as well as a user…..no wonder they checked me. While waiting for our flight we were called up to the desk on the loud speaker…what now????? Did they forget a spot on me…they said the flight was full and were reseating us…at first she gave us the wrong ticket and we were not even sitting together... so she redid it and we found out we were in FIRST CLASS.

We were going to be THOSE  people that we kind of sneer at when we board…not cause they are in the front but because they have ALL that leg room…now WE have all that leg room.  We were too tired and hungry to enjoy the breakfast but settled in our roomy seats quite nicely. I told Pug that they must have really wanted to keep a good eye on me…hope I am not on any watch lists :)

Our first stop was Quebec City, Canada.  It was beautiful and reminded me a lot of Europe.  The people were all very friendly (okay so that part did not remind me of Europe) and the scenery was so very pretty (but this part did).

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trip 011          trip 009

After walking the boardwalk and the small shops of Quebec City, Pug and I took a tour that started at a vineyard….yes that is where they make wine…the good stuff.  The only wine I have ever liked was bought at a Jiffy store and had the word tickle on the bottle (can you say Boonesfarm).  I am not a wine drinker…at all.  But we were on a tour so we proceeded to taste with everybody else.  I had to be really careful not to let anyone see the yucky face I was making when I tasted…Pug was much better than I and actually liked some of it. It got to the point that I did not even get a sip in my glass and just took a small sip of Pug’s.  We tried 8 different wines…made right there at the vineyard…the expensive kind…and out of all 8…I liked ….O…yes-- none, nada, zilch…could not drink it without making a face…next time we are touring a rum distillery :)

trip 072            trip 073
                       I was surprised at the size of the grapes…very small.

                                     trip 075
                              The view behind the vineyard was beautiful.

trip 078            trip 079

This was a beautiful Basilica.             Here are the un-snowed-on ski slopes, would love to see it                                                                   covered in snow.

Our next stop was St. Annes Canyon.  This place was breathtaking…literally…we did a lot of climbing of steps and walking across bridges…but the views were worth it…and still no choking.

trip 083            trip 086

trip 085                  trip 087

trip 016        trip 020

trip 092         trip 081

I will do any amount of climbing to get this man’s thumbs up!!!

trip 015        trip 082

 trip 017      trip 008
                                                                This was our view as we left Quebec City.

Our next stop was Charlottetown, which is also called Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia.  We took a tour to see some lighthouses.   Now I know what PEI stands for when talking about mussels :)

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                trip 096

trip 023         trip 094

We got to the top of this one…more climbing and still no choking…and it was really hot up there so we took pictures quick and headed back down.  Each lighthouse had all the info on when they were used and how and had some of the original house stuff in them on display. Very interesting.

trip 097           trip 100

trip 098                  trip 099

The first lighthouses were round and difficult to build...then they decided to build them square because it was so much easier...so that is how you can tell the older ones from the newer ones....

trip 001           trip 002

We saw this light house as we left Charlottetown.  It was very hazy but really cool to see the light on.  There were many of these huge turbines everywhere.  It looks like they are directly behind this lighthouse but as we went further out the turbines were actually way down the island and not even close to the lighthouse.

Next stop was Sydney, Nova Scotia.  It was a quaint little town where Alexander Graham Bell lived.  Pug and I had our pictures taken with Alex and Mable.  They didn’t have much to say but seemed to be so much in love as they stared into each others eyes :) 

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We did not find a tour we liked so we just hired a taxi driver and he took us on a beautiful scenic drive….he was very nice and informative…it was a relaxing drive.

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                   trip 102

Canadian Geese…funny that we have seen these on our prairie before…….

Next was Halifax, Nova Scotia.  This was a big dang fiddle…actually the biggest in the world…but I really think Charlie Daniels could play the heck out of it if given a chance.  The outlander in the kilt playing the bagpipes was really cool.  He actually played one night in the show room on the ship. First he gave a very informative talk on the Citadel in Halifax, which was an un-penetrable fort in Halifax.  He explained how many tried to, but never succeeded in taking over the fort.  It was very interesting.   He was very talented and I love bagpipe music..must be my Irish roots…I listened and thought of how I had heard Amazing Grace played at a funeral one time and how much I loved it.  The show was almost over and it was announced he would play one more song…the cruise director said it was one of his favorites….the bagpipes started playing Amazing Grace…it was beautiful and enjoyed by everyone in the room…I was touched…

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                  trip 030

trip 140           trip 141

This is the view from the Citadel…and the view into the Citadel…but going in was not part of the tour…we were a little disappointed but understood that more time would be needed to tour it.  This outlander guarding the fort was very serious and never moved a muscle…even when getting his picture taken with people.  It was kind of cool that I was reading a romance novel about an outlander on this trip….this guy was very sharp and professional but not near as sexy, tall, muscled, fair skinned and red-headed as the hero in my book…anyway it was cool to be reading about what I was seeing.

Next stop was the Public Gardens. The flowers were so gorgeous.  The pictures just don’t capture the true beauty. But we tried anyway.

trip 130            trip 028
 trip 131         trip 133

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trip 135          trip 137

We also toured the graveyard of many of the Titanic victims.  Halifax was the first city to respond to the distress call.  There were many graves with no names because so many were never identified…all had a number that told the order they were discovered.  It was kind of surreal to walk through and see all these named and unnamed grave markers and I was amazed at how many children were on the ship.  I was reliving the movie with Jack and Rose over in my head…I know it was not exactly like that but I am sure it was similar. Not to be disrespectful to any of the real people…but I still don’t understand why Rose did not move her butt over and let Jack get on that big floating door with her????

trip 161         trip 163

Next we toured Peggy’s Cove.  It was amazing.  It was really windy too.  Lots of rocks to climb…still no choking…this is true love people.  This was definitely scenery that I have never seen before.

trip 143        trip 150

trip 149                    trip 155

trip 153        trip 034

This is supposed to be vacation…why all the climbing…where’s the beach???? Aye’

trip 036        trip 038
              I loved this little area…so quaint... and this church was so sweet.

Our last stop before the Boston airport was Bar Harbor, Maine.  We have been here before years ago and we loved it.  We actually stayed in this hotel right on the water.  I was so happy to see this American flag…there is no place like home.

trip 192         trip 190

First was a bus ride to Cadillac Mountain.  We saw it years ago at sunset so this would be different.  Our bus driver looked like he was 99 years old but he was a great driver…I think he could have driven with his eyes closed which is good cause I don’t think he could see very well.

trip 176         trip 183

trip 041         trip 046

trip 188         trip 044

The views were breathtaking and so was the climbing (no choking) and that is our ship!!

We booked a tour on this schooner and we were not disappointed…the ride was very pleasant and we got some good pictures. Pug had a long conversation with the Captain who was very nice. I actually got to roll up my sleeves and catch a few sun rays since we had not seen the sun since we were in Quebec City.

trip 197         trip 199

trip 191         trip 196

This was Rick, a Newfoundland, he is a rescue dog…I am sure he could save you from drowning but he was also quite good at finding all the shady spots on the boat and enjoying all the attention from everyone onboard.  He moved very slow but still looked capable to do his job.  This boat is a lobster boat…there were many.

trip 005         trip 202

This is a picture of all the lobster traps…there were thousands….and this is our view leaving Bar Harbor.

trip 204         trip 206

Bar Harbor does not have a dock so we had to tender in from our ship. We used the lifeboats to tender in and the crew was very organized and got us there and back quite proficiently.  Pug really enjoyed watching them put the boats back.

trip 205         trip 211

I thought these chairs were pretty…kind of sets the whole d├ęcor mood of the ship…you don’t see these on other cruise ships…I thought they looked quite regal…kind of like the Titanic. There were plenty of wise (I don’t like the term “old”) people on this ship that may have sailed on the Titanic…anyway these chairs were right around the corner from our room…we could have sat in them any time we wanted…we did not….but we could have.   And who does not like a swinging monkey with eyes watching you sleep….that would be ME…he was cute and we got a picture but the eyes were too much…just a little creepy…I DO NOT do creepy.

trip 167        trip 198

My sweet honey had a relaxing time (absolutely no choking :) and he enjoyed himself but he had to stay connected…he always wanted to make sure all was right at home and on the farm. Its how he rolls.

trip 111         trip 166

When the hardest working man I have ever known says let’s go…I just say…when and where????? I will do anything to see this smile!!!

                                    trip 201

He loves his job…he loves the farm…but he loves his hobby too and this trip let him enjoy that tremendously!!! Worth every inch of my "personal self" searched, every step climbed, every line we had to stand in, every amount of time we had to wait, every “wise“ person we got behind :)  We had a really good time and I would recommend this cruise to anyone…just don’t go if you are looking for a beach :)

I have to add that our flight home was during the first Gator game of the season…he was being so good about missing it…we got on the plane (Jet Blue) and discovered that we each had tvs in each seat.  Could not have asked for a better end to a vacation.  Pug wore head phones and watched the game…I just laughed every time he got excited and hollered because he was so loud…who cares I did not know any of those people and it was the Gator game!!!  Whatever makes him happy :)

trip 209         trip 210

We saw some things we have never seen.  We saw some things we will never see again.  I did not see a beach or get a suntan.  Except for my sweet honey’s smile, this was my favorite sight…I can just never get enough of this!!!!  God is good all the time.