Tuesday, August 7, 2012

daily walk

Aug. 6 2012  i love the farm and my favorite place in the whole world is my home. i love my house, my yard, my family and my animals. but if we get time to go away my 2nd favorite place in the world is the beach. kelsey and i got to have a mini.  i woke up this morning to two of my favorite views. the sun, sand, and surf was one and the other was my beautiful daughter's sleeping face. today is going to be a really good day. it was 7:30 am and i thought i should get up and go for a walk... then i thought again and said to myself "nah, i will just go back to sleep" why did i do that... because i can. after all it is vacation even if it is a mini one.  i slept for another 1 1/2 hours and enjoyed every second of it. i then proceeded to have breakfast. two, not one, two donuts. one glazed and one glazed with chocolate on top. actually so much chocolate was slathered on top of this donut that i broke the other donut into pieces and dipped it into the extra chocolate. there was a time in my life that i could not, would not have done this. those days are behind me. there is a time and a place for everything. at this time in my life the place for donuts is in my tummy. life is too short to not eat donuts!!! after breakfast i did decide to go for a walk because it is monday and that is when i usually start my new exercise routine. it usually lasts until wed. or so. we'll see how this week plays out. i began my walk on the beach. beautiful morning, already hot, i am already melting. sweating profusely (not perspiring). just in case you needed a visual. no worries i carry on. i am very observant of my surroundings. my first thought is why do all these skinny mamas make their kids run with them. these kids are already skinny and do not need to run. i am totally against child obesity but this is ridiculous. it is so obvious that these kids would rather be playing in the sand. i did like to exercise a lot when my child was small back when i did not eat donuts but i did not make her do it with me. just my opinion. i also saw a seagull with a string on his leg. it upset me and i showed it to the lifeguard who pretty much did not care. it was sad and pitiful and me being the "pray-er" about all things...  i did send up one for the bird. i was talking to God about suffering, and pain and wondering why it is such a necessary part of life for people as well as animals. i walked and prayed on and then saw a bird with no foot.  God has a way of telling me things just when i need them. i have always said i need it upside my head and He is always doing just that. i see this bird with no foot and he is totally fine. hopping around like he knows no different. i was reminded about how we all have strings around our legs at one time or another and how we ask for God to fix it. sometimes He may fix it by removing the string which is wonderful. or He may choose to fix it it by removing our foot which may seen a little harsh. or He may choose to leave the string for a while to do things in His own  time. Any of these ways it is an answered prayer. i choose to not doubt or question Him because i do not like the results i get when i choose those actions. i am very sure of my God's ability to take my anger and my questioning. this is just how it works best for me. so i had a daily devotional this morning while taking my walk. i do a lot of thinking, daydreaming,  praying and talking to God throughout my days. and yes i can talk to the Holy Spirit through the jamming music on my i-pod. if you think my Holy Spirit can't hear me through all that jam then you just don't know my Holy Spirit. again it is only my opinion, sometimes you just gotta have a beat, and i am quite sure my Holy Spirit partakes in some head bobbing from time to time and when He heard Joan Jett sing I love Rock-n-Roll with me this morning, if He has a tongue He stuck it out and made the "rock on" hand signal with His right hand. i'm just sayin'

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  1. okay, so wish I could have had a mini vacation with you, but maybe one day!!! we won't give up and love the bird devotional, and I agree the Holy Spirit has rhythm!!!