Friday, August 3, 2012

monkey business

July 2012     I am the only girl on the cow crew which means i get all the "easy" jobs. by easy i mean jobs a monkey could do. i am totally okay with that because we monkeys need love and a job too. i get to fluff hay, pick up hay string, stand at gates for long periods of time to let the guys drop off cows without having to get in and out of the truck too many times, count cows, crank up, turn on & off the sprayer, and if i am lucky i get to hold poopy tails while the cows are getting pregnancy checked. ( i do have boundaries and wear a glove for that task) i am not complaining because i am just happy to be part of the crew and after some of the harder jobs i usually get the easy ones are a relief. my main easy job is to watch the gap. i am stationed in the gap, my duties there are to not let anything out and to be ready to move quickly out of the way to let something in if need be. this entails either standing where there should be a gate and there is not one, standing in front of a closed gate to keep cows from crowding the gate and busting it wide open, or standing in an opened gate to keep the penned cows from getting out and to let the cows to be penned back in. i got to practice my "monkey business" many times this past tues. just call me Cheetah! while the first 3 times were very successful they were also uneventful. which is usually really good. just holding back cows and letting in the few stragglers that broke ranks earlier. no cow left behind.... we try but you know there is one in every crowd. that one who just will not follow the rules. and she usually has a few partners in crime with her. we still usually get them all. it is just how we roll. we penned, sprayed and separated the herd and now all we had to do was load the bulls. Pug and i were rolling up hoses when he looks up and hollers "there is a bull out". for me personally this is one of those "almost make me tinkle in my pants, blood pumping, adrenaline producing" moments. we all scramble towards the open gap that we do not want him to exit. Pug, David, and MIckey grab the large, heavy gate to block the gap. i spring into action, this time with my monkey-like agility and stood in the gap. i use the only weapon i have to stop this 2000 pound bull. i assume the position of "STOP, in the name of love" made famous by Dianna Ross and the Supremes. i stretched out my arm and peered through my fingers into the eyes of this massive beast and shouted "no, no, stay, get back!" while kind of jumping up and down ( yes, monkey-like) and it worked. he must have been excellent at "honeymooning" because he seemed to be really tuckered out he turned, gave me a wink and slowly meandered back in the right direction. i could have sworn i heard him chuckle as he sauntered off i am sure he said to his big ol' bull self "what a silly, silly, monkey".

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