Friday, August 3, 2012

the honeymoon is over

July 2012          it is that time of year again, time to take the bull's off the cows. the weddings were in april and march. short and sweet. we do have strong moral values here at Whitehurst Cattle Co. but these guys were rip roaring and ready to go and meet their new "brides". i would love to say they were in a romantic mood but the word "frisky" comes to mind. they were arranged marriages but at least each bull did get to choose his bride. some bulls are pickier than others but isn't that true in all of life. color, size, horns or no horns, the choices are limitless. the ceremony is not even over yet and the bull is ready to start "honeymooning." nothing like saying i do and let's start a family in the same sentence. just a way of life here. how long the bulls stay here at WCC depends on how well he "honeymoons." when we pick them up 3 to 4 months later it is kind of easy to see who is good at their job. the ones that slowly get from point A to point B must be great at it because they are tired and ready for some rest and relaxation. the ones that are harder to round up and still frisky, i am thinking they are not so good at it and they may find themselves a one way ticket out of here. what is really funny is when we took them back to the bull field today two bulls started hollering at each other. bulls have a tendency to fight over the stupidest things (is that a male thing?) and they do it often. i figured these two bulls were fixing to fight. but then i thought the conversation probably went like this "hey dude, where are the chicks?" and the other replied "i don't know man but this is not the job i applied for!" they will have to wait a few months to start their jobs again but until then "the honeymoon is over!"

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