Saturday, August 11, 2012

Breakers 'bout broke us but kels was amazing

Breakers Resort

beautiful beach

T.V. in mirror cha-ching!!!

Alligator Dan
Country done sho nuff been to town y'all!!  Our girl kelsey won a scholarship from FTBA and we get to go to West Palm Beach for her to be recognized as a winner, make a speech, and get her first check. Yee haw we are excited!!  We make the trip and found it with no problem. As soon as we pulled into west palm i said to myself... Toto, we ain't in kansas anymore. Yes i sometimes call myself toto. You will get used to stuff like this :). We pull up to the world famous Breakers Resort. It is beautiful in an old money kind of way. I did become an open mouth breather for a short moment. We looked for a parking lot... Funny a fancy place like this don' t have one. We find out quickly you HAVE to valet park... Whether you want to or not. My cha-ching meter went off. Here we go. We tipped our guy and carried our own luggage... We did not have much ( one night) luggage and i am sure we are "those kind of people" this type of resort could do without. It was hard carrying our own luggage because we had 2 or 3 people try to take it for us. What part of "we got it" don't they understand. We made it to the room. It was very nice. We are by no means "cheap" people at least pug is not ... me, okay maybe just a little. Anyway, we opted to say there were only two of us in a room to keep from having to pay an extra person charge. But my sweet honey did  not ask for 2 beds when he was asked "is a king size okay?" bless his heart he did not want the lady to think he and his wife needed separate beds. Ain 't that just the sweetest<3. So that means we do get to share a bed... With our 18 year old baby. Again only one night.  I proceed to check out our cool room. The bathroom is large with a glass shower stall. No tub :( i guess rich people prefer a shower. It reminds me of the shower scenes on scary movies... I try to block that from my mind. I then notice one of those dreadful mirrors that show everything so well you can count your nose hairs. And i see a remote that says electric mirror. I' thinking...hmmm does it light up or maybe pluck your eyebrows???  I start pushing buttons and  i see nothing then i notice a button on the side of the mirror and it lights it up. So... Why the remote? I keep playing and all of a sudden i hear voices in the bathroom with me and its not my peoples voices. I check out the whouge (a gracie word)  mirror in front of me and right in the center where my reflection just was is a t.v.  I said a T.V. Okay i have seen a lot... Now i have seen it all. I can shower and get ready and not miss my soaps... Where are the dang bon bons ( private joke)!!  anyway, this is way cool and so uneccessary. My cha-ching meter goes off again. I have to tell pug and kels about this and i didn't feel quite so silly when pug couldn't get it to work because he was aiming at the nose hair mirror too :) my honey and i decide to investigate some more. We tour the lobby and make our way to the pool. I look at him and say "you smell that?"  he says what? I say "money, i smell money!!" he laughed and we went on. We saw bungalows for private parties. No sun can get in, not sure why you would want one... Then i remember all these ladies in full make-up and awesome hair do's, wearing cover ups that look like evening gowns. I ask pug if we have a bungalow and then remember...  if we won't pay the extra person charge we dang sure don't have a bungalow. We want ice cream, its what we do... found a small coffee/ice cream shop. Pug got 2 big scoops on a cone, i got the same for kels and was fixing to order myself one and saw how much ice cream we had and decided to share with pug and kels. Good thing,  the guy rung up our 2 double cones... $14.00. my cha-ching meter will be worn out quickly! After cones we decided to catch some rays on this beautiful beach. Pug tried to grab some towels off of a table and was almost attacked by this dude who insists on helping us. He brings towels and chairs and of course sets it all up. He deserved a tip. Cha-ching. We enjoyed ourselves and i wanted a cup of water from the clear igloo cooler i saw on the table by the towels in "serve yourself fashion." I went to get up and my sweet honey said he would get it for me... I laughed and said okay as long as you don't pay for it. He took 2 steps and was immediately accosted by  another dude asking what he needed. Pug says my wife just wants a cup of water... He beats pug to the water and of course pug tips him. Cha-ching. I told him we had run out of tip money and had better get back to the room before we needed anything else. Dinner was nice, kels got to meet the other winners and we met the families. Kelsey was a nervous wreck. So much so she could not even eat. That is nervous. After a restless nights sleep we were pumped and ready. Again kels could not eat... Not even bacon. Her time came and she was amazingly awesome!! We were so very proud. Pug had taken pictures early that morning and saw a gold-plated hummer pull up. It said alligator dan on the tag. He then pointed him out to me. Short little man with a cowboy hat on and western shirt and boots. A unique looking character. In my mind i imagined just how dang wealthy he probably was. He could have been a smith except for the hummer and the wealth. We saw many characters. That is the fun of a trip like this. After pictures we made our exit, carrying our own bags... No cha-ching. As we pulled out of this magnificent resort i had to stop and take one more picture. We probably won't ever come back. Not so much fun for kelsey because of her nerves but pug and i always have fun discovering a new beach. Its one of our favorite hobbies. We did have fun, we rubbed elbows with some financially enhanced people, we laughed, cried, and almost threw-up... a few times. That is what we call a great time! As we left this beautiful place we were glad to have had the experience. But the closer we got to our beach... to "pappy's beach" the sweeter the feeling i got in my heart. When we got to our 2nd home and got out of the truck i took a deep breath of air. I did not smell money...  but i did smell comfort, relaxation, happiness, and ... fish!  oh the utter complete joy of it all!!!  You gotta love "pappy's beach"     Aug. 2012

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  1. did you have to add the part about not even bacon?????