Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hoooooowdeeeeeeee! WE have been to the Opry

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The Pug Whitehurst crew has been to Nashville Tennessee.  It was a great trip and we had a blast.  Nashville may never be the same!!!  It was mainly a “Go Gators” trip but we took some extra time to take in the sights and sounds of Music City.

The plane ride was really good with no delays and even though we thought we may have to run a couple of times we never actually had to. (thank you Jesus!)  We left out of Jacksonville and of course had a plane change in Atlanta.  I truly believe we will have to do that on our trip to Heaven too.  Seems you can’t get anywhere these days without stopping there first.  On our first plane Pug and I did get to sit on the same row but had the aisle between us.  I was glad so that at least if the plane was going down I could reach out and grab a hold of my man before we crashed.

So here I was wondering who was going to be the lucky person who gets to sit by me.  A guy comes strolling down the aisle looking at seat numbers and kind of half smiles and says “I am by the window.”  I nodded and let him in.  He was sort of cute in that bad boy kind of way.  Then comes my co-pilot, we’ll just call him “Charlie” because he reminded me of a guy I used to work with.

Both Charlies were Pittsburg Steelers fans, African-American, and had bloodshot eyes, but airplane Charlie was a lot taller than work Charlie.  I was reminded of that whole love thy neighbor thing so I smiled and let him in and he sat between me and bad boy.  Come to find out they knew each other.  Airplane Charlie sits down and immediately says in my direction “this is good, I get to sit by somebody smokin’ hot.”  I laughed and thought to myself, poor Charlie, he is not only tipsy, he is also blind as a bat!!!  As I was putting on my seatbelt he was gracious enough to ask if I needed any help… I assured Charlie that I was good and got it taken care of all by myself.  The equally inebriated  bad boy looked at me and said very sweetly “you okay, hon?”  And as soon as the last word was out of his mouth my beautiful woman child who was sitting in the seat directly ahead of me turns and says very loud so my two new friends can hear her… “Are you okay. MOM!”  I  gave her the “I’m completely fine and I got this!” head nod and calmed her down.  Surely she knows mom can handle herself but oh my goodness was it awesome to know a person of her caliber has my back.

We passed bad boy later in the airport because we knew they were headed to our destination and gave him the “where’s Charlie” shoulder shrug.  He smiled and said “he’s looking for a beer”…. big surprise.  He and work Charlie could be brothers.  The other plane rides were not as strange but on the flight home I got to sit between not one but two smokin’ hot guys!!!  My sweet honey and my handsome boy, Van.  I don’t think I have ever felt so safe on a flight!!

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We got to Nashville and our hotel was fairly new and very clean.  Yay!  We were happy with this discovery.  We changed into our cowboy clothes and headed down town.  We walked around and explored before our supper at Pucketts. After a delicious meal we headed to the Grand Ole Opry.  The Rhyman auditorium was beautiful and reminded me of a church.  We heard Holly Williams (grandaughter of Hank) sing I’m so lonesome I could cry and Ronny Robbins (grandson of Marty) sing El Paso and it was great.  Both of those songs were favorites of my Daddy and it brought back sweet memories of him.  We heard some others including Vince Gill’s daughter, Lorrie Morgan and Pam Tillis. They were good but we were a little disappointed that they did not sing some of their old songs.  And…. Lorrie Morgan threw her guitar pick way too soon for Annie to be able to get down to the stage and show her the “I want a guitar pick” sign she had made…. that Devin went almost dumpster diving for.  I will never forgive Lorrie for that.  When she threw the pick into the crowd we (all Annie’s people) stood in protest and disbelief.

nash 005

Devin is an awesome husband, finding his wife a piece of cardboard for her sign.  And the teacher in our bunch (Lauren) always has a sharpie!!  We did not get a picture of the sign… the memories were just too painful.

nash 011        nash 012
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But the absolute highlight Opry moment was right in the middle of the concert.  I am here to tell you that Minnie Pearle is not the most famous southern belle to ever grace the stage of the Opry.  That prestigious accolade goes to my girls, Annie and Lauren.  Yes they were on THE stage for a game that of course they WON.  They are Nashville famous now and we had to keep back the poparazzi and discourage autograph signings. Their names were mentioned at least 4 times and the whole night was broadcast over a National radio station, WSM.  I remember the call letters because that is what my kids call me, wicked step mother :)

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nash 034            nash 033                                  
   So what do you do to pass the time in downtown Nashville... you go to a bar!!  I kind of felt like that famous line in “Sweet Home Alabama”… I had my baby (18 year old) in a bar!!  I felt quite secure in my decision to take her there considering the fact that she had her brothers, sisters, and parents with her.  She also learned how to have healthy fun in a bar by people watching, singing really loud, and dancing while sitting on a bar stool.  She also learned what not to do… drink so much that you make a complete idiot out of yourself.  Bar lesson learned, check-check.

Friday we took a tour (we are tourists!) to see some really pretty parts of Nashville.  Among them were Belle Mead and Brentwood. The houses were amazing and cost about 4 million.  We are talking whole neighborhoods of these houses.  We also saw a lot of stars homes. I won’t bore you with pictures of those but we did buy the CD so if you are interested I will be happy to let you borrow it :)

nash 019            nash 018

Friday night we went back downtown for supper at Merchants and again the food was delicious. We wanted to go to the Wild Horse Saloon but they were having a private party that would not be over until 10:00.  We decided to hang out and see if we could make it until then.  So what did we do… more bars.  I love to people watch and we were always able to get in the back, away from everyone and just chill.

                          nash 017        N2 010
We also made a second trip to the candy shop that was heavenly.  They had everything you could think of and we then hit the ice cream shop.  We know how to vacation!!

nash 022                        nash 023
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Finally we got to the Wild Horse Saloon.  There was a line to get in but once inside it was great because they completely emptied it at 10 and this was a whole new crowd.  We had plenty of room to sit close to the band and DANCE FLOOR.  If you don’t know much about me you should know that I LOVE to eat… the only thing I love more than eating is DANCING. The band was good but as soon as we could go, Kels and I were on the dance floor doing the electric slide… western style.  My momma loved to dance and she handed it down to me.  Instead of handing it down to Kels I chose to share it with her so I could still enjoy it with her.  And that we did do.   They teach line dances while the band plays and Annie, Kels, and I learned the round up and something called the beyonce shuffle (or something like that). We also did the Cupid Shuffle but we added our own “ride the pony” move to Nashville it up just a little.

Lauren joined us for the Apache song and Amber learned a dance with us too, we all had a blast. My girl Lauren and I agree that “sometimes you just gotta have a beat”.  Like me she also likes to dance to the beat of her own drum, and it is obvious that everyone on the dance floor was doing this WRONG!!!  She was doing it right!!  I love this girl!!!

nash 025            nash 030

I even got a slow dance with my sweet honey.
                   nash 029

But the HIGHLIGHT of our Nashville trip for me personally was the CHA CHA Slide.  Okay, Kels of course did it with me but………. my boy Devin did it too!!!!  Oh my, this wicked step mother was some kind of proud and excited. No one could get too close because my proud momma peacock feathers were so puffed up!!!  And excuse me but “how low can you go, can you go down low, all the way to the flo’, how low can you go? (please tell me you sang that line)  Me and my boy and my girl went to the floor.  Yeah, I am a sick and strange individual but that was so dang fun!!!!!  It’s a good thing they did not play the apple bottom jeans song… I had on wranglers but my boots did have some fur (in the lining)…. but don’t worry some things are better left a secret and hidden!! So if I ever go missing and I am not at Krispy Kreme check at The Wild Horse Saloon, I will be there line dancing or keeping it real with free style :)  I believe it is what I was born to do.  Most fun I have had in a long time.  But would not have been as fun without my people!!!

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                          nash 028

Saturday we went to the Grand Old Opry Hotel. It was beautiful with all the gardens and fall decorations.  We walked around and of  course took pictures.  That is how we roll… we eat really good and we take LOTS of pictures. We shopped at an outlet mall and then it was back to the room to rest up for THE GAME!

nash 037           nash 039
N2 009            N2 007

The game was very exciting and hot.  I wanted to be so stylish with my scarf but had to take it off before I melted. (but not before I got a picture) Style is so over rated.(but not so over rated that i did not want a picture). I am a comfort kind of gal.  The Gators were hot and cold as usual but pulled out another win.  I will NOT call it an ugly win because I refuse to be like everybody else!!  It was a win.  It all boils down to the scoreboard!!! After a really nice, long, walk back to the room we settled down and got packed to go home.

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What I learned in Nashville….
nash 002
These two people are hard to keep up with but I am learning how to do it!!  They are also the absolute greatest tour guides ever!!!

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N2 006N2 002                                    
The best looking guys and most beautiful girls in Nashville are from Williston!!

nash 020
Elvis is alive and well and  living in Nashville. He has switched from peanut butter and nanner sandwiches to margaritas.

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                                     nash 041
People stand in line for an hour to eat pancakes and it is worth it!!!

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The horses in Nashville are kind of creepy.

N2 013

My girls and I rocked the boots and jeans thing in Nashville and my Annie even rocked her boots with some dresses and looked adorable.  There were many… too many… that rocked their boots with shorts.  I just hope they don’t think THEY started this trend.  I have been doing this for years on the farm… the only way to rock boots and shorts is with work boots….  my sweet Daddy taught me this many many moons ago.  His working in the yard attire was cut off jeans and his work boots.  And when it got cold outside did he get a shirt… Oh no… he just put on his big overcoat and totally rocked that look too.  I would love anyone to tell me he wasn’t cool !!!!!  I’m just sayin’

nash 003

This is my absolute favorite picture that was taken on this trip!!!! Big, huge, massive, heart smile! Can you feel the LOVE people!!!

What a great trip. What a great group of people to travel with.  My people...  this is what I live for.(well, this and getting a chance to shake my booty).  We had fun and made memories that will last a lifetime.   This is life at its best people.  We are not perfect and we are not all that normal but we are really really happy!!!!  Love makes us rich beyond measure!!!