Friday, August 3, 2012

love your farmer as you love yourself

July 10th 2012       FYI watermelons are not just planted, picked, and then sold. it is a long hard process that takes many people who know what work really is. i just had the pleasure of helping my people pick up the pipe that carries the water to the melons. yes all i did was drive the tractor that carried the pipe. my job was more mind work. trying to drive straight and not run over anybody, stop and go when needed, and i was on the look out for yogi the bear. if i had seen him i was going to whack his ass with a metal pipe. i watched those men (my boys and husband and our mickey) pick up those heavy, cumbersome, no convenient handled, pipes and throw them on the trailer. it is hot and walking in a plowed field is hard enough. they don't complain or cuss or fuss. they work. they finish the task at hand. it is in their blood. they come from prime stock of hard workers. so people your food does not come from the food fairies who bring it to the store. it comes from angels on earth called farmers. from families of farmers. I am proud to be part of this family of farmers. i complain, cuss, and fuss in my head for them because it is not their nature to do so, at least not in front of me. i get the easy job but still not so easy to watch my people work so hard but i know they love what they do. and i LOVE them for it!!! :)

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