Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rookie…no more.

David has worked for us for a while now.  His mom, like me, loves pictures of her kids.  Usually I am working with David and can't take too many, but I managed to get a few.  This is for you, Sherri. :)

babes 080          babes 004

David does a lot of different jobs.  Pug says that no matter what he asks him to do he does it and does it well.  He is very meticulous and likes to do it right the first time and is careful about taking his time.   He has gotten really good at pushing the calves through the lane and to the chute. It is not an easy job, especially with 3 or 4 people telling you how to do it.  But I have heard more than one of the crew say how well David does it and that he learned the right way.

babes 003         babes 002

It makes me a nervous wreck to watch him push calves but that is just the mama in me.  He knows what he is doing.

babes 001                     babes 072

babes 005                    babes 006

This may look like David takes a lot of breaks but he never stops working until everyone else does.  And if he is taking a break I can guarantee he has earned it.  David seems to do all of his jobs with the same attitude.  His face never changes, he never moans or groans, or complains, or gripes about what he has to do.  I have seen him cold with chill bumps and hot with sweat but never heard him complain.

babes 038

David does not ride a horse but he does drive a truck while we push cows and that is just as helpful.  The other day, David and I had to do a job side by side for a while.  I was dying, complaining, struggling and David kept the same pace and tried to help me as much as he could all the while doing his part too.  He is not just a pretty face…he is a very efficient and hard working young man.  I am very proud to work on the same crew as him and I am happy to call him one of mine :)

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