Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Remi the wonder dog

My grandog Remi works on the farm with us.  I think he is definitely worthy of a blog post.  This one is for you, Lauren. :)

babes 025                 babes 026

Catching Remi sitting still is a miracle.  The only reason I got these pictures was because Adam made him sit still.

babes 018                babes 073

Remi is very serious about his job.  He pushes the cows while keeping them in a bunch.  He also tries to help Adam “fix” the soon to be steers. He likes to be in the middle of things.

                                  epp 004

This was a money shot…not sure what he was thinking about but I bet it had to do with cows.

epp 011                epp 012

This little guy was too small to stay in the chute so we worked him on the ground.  He walked away but not very far and until we were completely done Remi kept going to the calf and checking on him and then he would come back and “work”. 

                                         photo (1)

Adam and Pug kept telling me about this but I had to have a picture to prove it.  This was one of Remi’s favorite things to do first thing in the morning.  He loves to run along the hay bales and could jump up on it in one leap.  He is a wonder-dog I tell you!!

blog 010

calves 010                             calves 011

Remi is always ready to work.  Even when we take a break he is still ready to go.

feed 017                          feed cows 066

I love the fact that Remi rides on the 4-wheeler with Adam…I just wish he could teach him to ride on the horse with him…that would be the ultimate for me.

feed cows 030                            feed cows 031

                                              feed cows 032

                                      A man and his dog…it's a beautiful thing!!!!!

feed cows 039

If only we could bottle some of this dog’s energy… we could be millionaires.  I have never seen a dog so determined to work.  And he is not scared of anything.  Sometimes I catch myself watching him and Adam work the cows and I forget what I am supposed to be doing.  There is never a dull moment when Remi is working.

feed cows 077

He will find a cool spot when he needs too.  He for sure ain’t a stupid dog.  He has got a great life and I am so glad to get to watch him do his wonder-dog thing. 

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  1. This is a proud fur mama! We love our boy and he loves us!