Monday, March 4, 2013

music fixes everthang

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I have been chopping for a few weeks now.  Believe it or not I have JUST been able to listen to my music while I chop.  Before I had to really concentrate on the task at hand.  I was trying to be so careful looking for stumps, holes, logs, anything that could possibly tear up the tractor.  I thought I was doing a good job…but then it happened.  I was going along into some thick weeds and I did not see the stump.  I was really going slow so it was quite a shock when the tractor just stopped abruptly and I heard a very loud crack.  Not a good sound at all.  Especially when I know how tough this tractor is.  I had to make that dreaded call to my boss man and give him the bad news…  that I had broke the tractor.   He was really good about it but I still felt really bad.  I had gone so long and not tore anything up.  He checked out the tractor…it was a tie rod problem with the right front tire.  Problem was it BROKE!!  Just cracked in half and fell off.  I was so glad to hear my boss man say that we had the part and that it could be fixed.  It was not an easy job but he did it and I was good to go again.  He also assured me that these things happen…I just don’t like it when it happens to me.

So now I am even more paranoid than before.  I am double looking now and I am seeing things that are not even there.  If a bunny or field mouse jumps out I am automatically thinking it is some flesh eating creature that has not even been discovered yet.  Anything that is long and skinny looks like a snake…no matter the color or the texture…I see SNAKE.  Piles of moss look like stumps.  My eyes are really playing tricks of me…more stress…just what I need. 

So to relieve some of this stress I decided to get my music.  It cannot be THAT distracting.  I will just have to refrain from my fantastic dance moves and not get so into my singing that I lose my train of thought.  Music makes me happy and relaxed and it worked in this situation too.  I could still concentrate on my job and “get my jam on!!”  I do believe music fixes everthang!!!!

Even with this stressful job I still have time to think…time to ponder…time to reflect on the meaning of life.  This is what I think about:

1.  NO ONE and I mean NO ONE should ever try to sing RESPECT… Mrs. Aretha has done it and it cannot be re-done.

2.  I realized that I can sing all three ranges, HIGH, MiDdLe, and low  in the song “I can’t get next to you” by the Temptations.  But the HIGH parts are the cow’s favorite and  it is one of their most requested songs.

3.  The cows also love “I’m sexy and I know it”…the wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle part gets them every time!  They do get a little risque but hey…we are out in the middle of the woods, JACK!!

4.  3 words… Cha Cha Slide…I worry about these pregnant mama cows with the  6 hops and  the “how low can you go” part  but who am I to deny them of this…go on with your bad self my bovine sisters…get your jam on!

5.  GEORGE STRAIT… sometimes no words are needed…just a moment of silence for his utter and complete awesomeness………………………………………………. :)

6.  No matter how hard I try…when I listen to “Cupid Shuffle” I cannot stop myself from doing that shoulder up and down thing and when I hear the 4 Tops sing the words  “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch” I cannot stop myself from doing that bend at the hip side to side thing.

7.  Please do not tell my Kels but it sometimes scares me when I think of what I could do with a few shots, a stationary pole and the song “Low” by Flo Rida.  Relax…just cause I said I could do it … does not necessarily mean I would!!!!!!!!!!

8.  Whenever I sing the first verse of “I Love Rock and Roll” I feel like Mrs. Robinson…a young Dustin Hoffman is definitely not my type but that cutie pie Hunter Hayes….that is a whole nuther story.

  9.  After hearing “Pontoon” sung by my adorable 4 year old granddaughter…Little Big Town just cannot do it justice.

10.  It don’t matter if you weigh 90 pounds soaking wet or 250 pounds “butt neck-ed”, when you sing “Brickhouse” by the Commodores to the top of your lungs… you are ALL THAT and a bag of chips!!!

11.  My all time favorite song ever since I was a little girl is “Lean on Me”.  I have enjoyed all versions but I am most partial to the original by Bill Withers.  Nobody sings it like Mr. Withers.  I want this version played at my funeral.  So if you are there and some turkey head tries to get up and sing…  and it is NOT THE Mr. Bill Withers, please stop the program, pull out my i-pod ( I am sure my people will bury it with me just in case I have to wait in line somewhere in between…probably the Atlanta airport) and play the original song by Mr. Withers…the way it was meant to be played!!!!

Music soothes the soul, calms even the toughest of beasts, and makes my heart smile.  It is a whooge part of my life and I consider it one of my life’s blessings.  I think it is about the emotion it brings, the memories it awakens, and that place in your heart that can only be touched by a certain song.  Music is one of the reasons I love my job so very much!!   So enjoy life anyway you can…for me it is through music.  Jam on my friends and be happy.

Even after a good day of chopping, contemplating, and jamming I still had a mini heart attack.  I was getting out of the truck to open the gate.  I look down and for the FIRST time that day I actually said oh look, it is just a stick…and then just as I put my foot out of the truck and onto the ground, my “stick” slithered away quickly.  Of course the ONE time I let my mind go at ease…it just slaps me upside my head.  Oh well, we all need that every now and again-- WHOOP THERE IT IS!!!!  :)  I still love farmers!  Especially mine!

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