Monday, February 4, 2013

Ramble…. all I need is a reason

Another installment of my ramblings.  To better explain where this stuff comes from, I will share some of my day with you first.  I would love to say this is just a typical day in my life.  Not the case…I have not had a typical day in the past 20 years since I married my sweet honey. There is never a dull moment.

I started my day feeding my twin baby calves.  They are doing great and are so much fun to start the day with.  I am not a morning person but they bring out the best in me regardless!!

I started my healthy eating  AGAIN today.  More veggies, salads, yogurt, less sweets and way more water!!!! I WILL be eating carbs.  I have done and been successful with the Adkins diet.  But having done it so many times I have come to this conclusion… for me personally it works very well to lose weight fast for a special occasion.  Instead of doing it two weeks before the event I will be doing it 10 days before.  That is because by the 11th day I will literally kill for a piece of bread and even though I am still eating low carb I start gaining instead of losing.  Main reason is because I am so hungry I eat too much even if it is low carb. Now I have explained why I am choosing “healthy” over no carb.

I did my first Turbo Jam tape in a long time this morning.  It was awesome.  I love the workout and it has great music.  If you need good motivation just wear some of those yoga, like a second skin, dang tight booty shorts.  While I will exercise in them… no other human will ever see me in them.  As for motivation…I have a mirror in my spare bedroom/exercise room.  Lucky for me it is behind me and not in front.  Not such a pretty sight to see those dang shorts rolling down under my gut in front and riding up not gangnam-style but “wedgie-style” in the back.  Not a pretty picture.  But definite motivation to keep on turbo jamming!!!!! Funny how those girls on the tape were not having the same problems as me.  :)

I fed my babies again and they were even cuter than they were earlier.  Still can’t figure out how they do that.

I went to work to  mow some briars and pasture. I drove the tractor quite a ways to my designated area.  This means I only had the tractor…no truck.   When I got there I noticed that my designated area looked like it had already been mowed.  I decided to call my sweet honey and ask if I was at the right place. I reach in my pocket and there is no phone!!!!  I had just checked the time not 5 minutes before.  C-R-A-P!!!!  I knew I would never be able to see it if I drove the tractor back to look for it so I began my trek back the way I came from.  It was a dirt road so the travel was easy.  A little extra exercise on my first day back at it will be okay.

I start walking and looking and thinking.  I knew my sweet honey would not be mad at me because I have an old school phone…my choice.  He keeps wanting to buy me the new I-whatever phone.  I already have an i-pod and i-pad.  They make me cuss enough.  I love them both but it is the whole touch screen thingy that makes me crazy…not ready to deal with that in a phone yet.  I do complain about the phone I have now but it is not the phones fault.  It is me…I get mad when I push the wrong buttons and get a very undesired result like trying to unlock it to answer it and it automatically sends a text to the caller saying “I’m in a meeting”.  Evidently I am way more important than I knew because I have A LOT of meetings :0. After miles and miles of walking…okay maybe not that far but it seemed that far, I found it.  Not sure how it ended up in the middle of the road instead of the side but that is not the point…the point is…I FOUND IT.  and it still worked. Hallelujah!!!!!  Another reason I DO NOT need an i-whatever phone…they are not nearly as tough as my old school phone.
As I was heading back to my tractor… miles and miles away… I was multi-tasking.  I am kind of anal…no don’t like that word… how about OCD … much better…about my phone and deleting messages, calls, and voicemails.  I like it to be clear of them all the time.  So while I was walking I was deleting my “good morning, have a great week, I love you” text from my sweet boy Sam in D. C.  All of a sudden I trip on something and just about fall flat on my face.  I look down and my feet are tangled in a big wad of hay string.  Only I could do something like this, walking down the side of a dirt road, through a pasture.  I got myself free and threw the wad down in the ditch where it would not get tangled in the blades of any mower.

I finally made it back to my tractor and was able to mow happily for a few hours. Mowing means lots of time to think.  Time to jam to my tunes.  Time to enjoy the beauty of God’s earth and creatures.  Time to reflect on my day, my blessings, my joy.   This is what I think about…

1.  There is nothing like, not one but two, sweet, adorable, and hungry faces to start a cold morning off just the right way.

2.  If I could pick my very own theme music… it would be “Boom Boom Pow” by Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas.  Not the words because I know they are “not nice” but that beat is “OFF THE HOOK” !!!!! Yeah, I said it and I said it out loud.

3.  I should not only --- not text and drive… I should never text and walk either!!!!

4.  I am completely okay with my “physical self”.  When my sweet honey grabs ahold of me for a hug…I want him to know he has got a hold of a woman and not a 12 year old boy!!!

5.  I will always laugh at myself exercising in the mirror,  instead of crying because hysterically laughing burns way more calories than hysterically crying.

6.  While doing the CHA CHA Slide on a dance floor is way more fun…it is possible …AND has been done on a tractor. 

7.  I know it is a good day when a ladybug hangs out with me for over 2 hours on my gear shift while I was mowing.  I really think it liked my singing…and it also thought that Boom Boom Pow beat was '’OFF THE HOOK'” !!  :)

8.  Slim-fast bars and shakes are way bigger and taste way better than the Adkins “stuff”.

9.  I saved the best for last…I will wait on You, You are my refuge….My hope is in YOU Lord, all the day long.  I won’t be shaken by drought or storm.  The peace that passes understanding is my song and I sing, My hope is in YOU Lord!!

I wish you peace, joy, and much laughter!!!! 

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