Saturday, September 8, 2012

Are you ready for some football… Gator style

We are really serious about Gator football around here!!!  This game was very exciting for many reasons.  It is always exhilarating to get ready for that first game, Gracie and Sam were going with us, and I was going too.  So much excitement I can hardly stand it!!  On top of all that Amber, Taylor, and Warren were going too.  It was a family affair.  All we needed was Annabelle and Mamie and we would have had the whole gang.  But it was way too hot for the littlest of our crew, so they got to hang out with Pop & Grammy.  We had a full suburban so Sam being the most flexible got to ride in the back.  It was so cute to look back and see him just peeking up over the back seat.  And of course Pug thought it was funny to tell him to “load up” with a whistle each and every time he had to get out and back in. :) We all felt kind of sorry for him until we got in to go home and he was the one in the back with the cooler and the snacks!!  He laughed at us as he munched on a cookie.023024028


We “tailgated” at Sonny’s (Sam’s fav. place and they don’t have them in D.C.) so we just had something cool to drink before the game  and watched the kids play.  Warren and I were learning a new dance from a Korean dance video he saw on line.  It is so funny that he likes it so much.




And then finally time for the game.  It was hot and crowded and people were loud and obnoxious and the Gators were sometimes awesome and sometimes not so awesome… some things never change.  It was just like I remembered it.  We had a great time and ended up winning.  As usual we raided the cooler for water, gator-ade, and diet coke on the way home as we munched on rice krispy treats (thanks to Annie).  It was a good day.  More family time.  That is always a good time… win or lose.  But the ride home is always more pleasant with a win.  Go Gators.


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  1. We love our football....and can tailgate at Sonny's???? I didn't know that!