Sunday, September 9, 2012

A thousand words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  This is so true and a picture is also worth a thousand emotions. It is finally here… our Family Beach Photo Shoot Gallery.  I am glad I can post about this because it is kind of overwhelming to me.  These are my beautiful people.  My family.  The loves of my life.  This is our story thus far.


This picture brings to mind many words and emotions…. loyalty, continuity, endurance, and infinite love.

041                                                     …. hope, pure joy, be still my heart!!


Grandbabies…  they are here to exhaust us and energize us at the same time.  So much fun to just sit back and see what happens.  Never a dull moment and we are forever learning about life at it’s best from them.


My boys… not of my blood but definitely of my heart.  They stole my heart long before their Daddy did.  They are amazing men who make this world a much better place.  I am constantly amazed at their outstanding character as well as their intelligence.  They turned this wicked step mothers heart to mush. I am so happy they let me love them.

My girl… my life, my reason to exhale after I inhale.  She makes me want to be a better person.  She is a blessing from God and the single greatest thing I have ever done.  My daughter, my heart, my world.


My kids… these are the people that make it all worth while.  Sometimes life is not so good to us.  But they remind me every day that we are blessed beyond belief and there is nothing we cannot get through together with the help of the Lord.  These people make me really happy!  This is what I live for!!  Oh my, how absolutely beautiful are my kids!!

I feel like we as a family share many emotions… of course love and compassion.  But there is also a mutual respect for each other and always that deep feeling of knowing we are never alone. We always have someone on our side and most of the time more than just “one” someone.  We run in a herd.  There is a pile of us.
words… utter chaos, loud, massive fun, laughter, sarcasm, dry humor, cheesy, never boring, competitive, perfection, thankful, well-loved (not spoiled), constant, admiration and I could go on and on and on.  As I have said before, these are the people I laugh with, cry with, share the joys and sorrows of life with.  I would kill for or die for them.  I know that is extreme but the LOVE I have for them is extreme. That is how I roll.

Trust, adoration, respect, amazingly awesome, selflessness, extraordinary, true love, blind faith, strength, and hope.   My favorite love story of all time.  This is truly a story book romance.  They teach me something wonderful and good every day and I am so happy that I get to witness a love like this.  My wish is that my Kelsey gets to experience this kind of love one day.  This picture melts my heart.

My words for this man are too many to name them all.  I know what it feels like to be adored by someone.  This man, this wonderful man, adores me. It goes above and beyond love.  I am not sure why he puts up with me but I am thankful he does.  I love the way he loves me and I love him for so many reasons.  But mainly for his strong sense of family.  Pride and honor come to mind.  Truly blessed & extremely thankful, unconditionally loved, & “i‘ve got your back”.  We are a force to be reckoned with.


We got THE PICTURE.  It was all about the picture.  Kellee wanted a picture with ‘ere body in it.  I was not concerned with hair and make-up… thank goodness because we all melted in the first five minutes.  I was concerned with getting all my people’s beautiful faces in one picture.  Mission accomplished.  We got THE PICTURE and so many more.  Plus some great memories on how we came about getting them.  I love my family and I love the beach… I got the best of both!!  I am really blessed and well-loved.  And ~~~dang, we look really, really, good!!!!

... crazy, goofy, nerdy, gorgeous, beautiful, handsome, hot, sweaty, grumpy, short fused, ADORABLE, silly, precious, talented, integrity, magnificent, epic, excellence ……. MINE!!!


  1. What a gorgeous family! It's a blessing to hang out with ya'll up in the "loft" and a pleasure getting to know each and every one of you.

  2. jealous!!!!!!

    what a beautiful family you are blessed with...remember I can see you up there having fun.....wave once in a while!!!!

  3. This was the best blog yet! I loved it and I love you!

  4. Best blog ever. The pictures didn't turn out quite like I had hoped, but paired with your words they look amazing, :) we are so blessed. Love you!!!

  5. Kellee - I LOVE this post. You have captured your family (whom you know we just adore) with both pictures and words. We love y'all to pieces and are so blessed to call you friends!!

    1. thanks so much Charon this is what i love to write about!!!! easy writing!!!