Wednesday, May 1, 2013

workin’cows…this and that

babes 014                 babes 070

I am not sure who invented the “tie tie”.  But man or woman…I salute you.  We use them for everything!!!  Sometimes it is for a quick fix and sometimes it is a permanent fix :)

babes 007                  babes 013

We started one morning and it wasn’t that cold…as the day went on it got colder…so of course the fire got bigger!!!

babes 054

We never know what we will see while working cows…here are some Canadian geese…AYYY!

babes 056

This is a sure sign that the crazy farmer lady is HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY :)

 babes 017                   babes 023

My sweet honey on his magnificent steed…okay so he is just a good horse…sometimes that is all you need.  The other picture is him waiting for us to catch up while he is bringing up the calves…he is NOT resting…his mind is going 100 miles per hour…thinking of what we will do after we get done with the calves. I am surprised there is not smoke coming out of his ears.

babes 019

Sometimes we have to move cows across the road.  This is how we do it on county road 335.  We use the trucks and trailers to form a lane across the road…the cows just cross through and don’t even realize they were out of the pens for a few seconds.  We always do this late morning or early afternoon so we don’t mess up people trying to get to and from work.

babes 027                     babes 028

This particular morning the moon had been full the night before and was still really big and bright in the morning.  It was really beautiful.  The pictures don’t do it justice.

babes 029                       babes 037

Another shot of the moon.  And a cool picture of my sweet honey and his horse.  I loved seeing the moon through the fog.  It’s mornings like this that make me wonder how anyone could ever not believe there is a God and He is awesome.

                                  babes 047

A cool picture of the cowboys riding out onto the prairie.  As you can see the cowboys we hired to help us that day actually wore cowboy hats.  Our own cowboys wear ball caps.  Let me tell you that the hat don’t make the cowboy…it is the heart, the soul, and the attitude. All these guys have that and a whole lot more.

babes 082

This is what we call a “four-eared” calf.  There are small growths on his ears that look like extra ears.  We have a cow like this and sometimes her calves are born like this too. Pug told me he has only seen 4 or 5 before.

epp 007         epp 008

My horse, Mr. Ron.  And this is Ron, Comanche (Adam’s) and Cinnamon (Pug’s).

babes 030

This was a beautiful sunrise one morning.  What a great way to start a day…even if it does start really early.  I am truly blessed to get to see and experience the things I do on a daily basis.  God is good…all the time.  I love farmers…especially when they are cowboys too. :)


  1. are truly an amazing woman! I think the day that Pug got you was a day planned by God! You have been a wonderful wife/mother/help-mate/grandmother/niece (to me) and a lot of other things. I love you for all that you do to make life easier for your family and to make this world a better place. BJ

  2. P.S. I love the pictures and your comments! BJ