Sunday, October 21, 2012

ooh baby, baby

It is one of my favorite farm times of the year.  The weather changes (at least it is supposed to) and summer turns into fall.  We look out over the pastures and think we see big piles of cow poop.  But what we really see is big piles of sweet newborn baby calves.  I love to see this.  I am really looking forward to seeing these sweet babies run through the fields with their tails up high in the air and kicking up their heels… hooves.  They seem to get more frisky when the weather gets cooler… don’t we all :). 
                                         haybabycow 011
haybabycow 010                haybabycow 016
haybabycow 009          haybabycow 027

The momma cows get really protective of their new babies.  I can relate to that… mess with our babies and we will show you 50 shades of crazy!! They are very aware of their surroundings and usually stay close to their babies. They are also really good at hiding their babies.   I have noticed they will venture further away if there is a responsible “nanny” cow around.  She is always the one grazing slowly alone with 3 or 4 babies sleeping close by.  It is a really sweet sight to see.  I was careful while taking pictures not to disturb them too much.  The older cows seemed more at ease with me but the first time momma cows were not taking any chances and either moved herself and her baby along quickly or gave me the “don’t take another step toward us or be prepared to suffer the consequences” look.  And I was happy to oblige, I believe I have even given that look to others before myself.
haybabycow 012           haybabycow 013
haybabycow 023           haybabycow 026
haybabycow 021            haybabycow 022

We seem to have more dark babies than light babies.  Just so you know we are not by any means color prejudice.  We love ALL our cows…  red, and yellow, black, and white.  We have mainly Angus bulls (black) and Charolais bulls (white) and 1 Hereford bull (red and white).  Sometimes it really boggles my mind the colors that result from these “marriages.” Of course the strange colored babies that no one else likes are my favorite. You know the ones I am talking about… the faces only a mother could love.  The spotted, speckled, multi-colored, anything different and abnormal.    They are really hard for us to sell too because the buyers always want calves that are uniform in size and color. I am really glad Jesus does not feel that way about us :).  When we get a strange colored baby the whole crew says “Kellee got another calf for her herd.”  I will try to get some pictures of these and do a separate blog.  We have quite a few momma cows as a result of my affection for the abnormal and strange.  My boss is kind of sweet on me and keeps some of these calves as replacement heifers.  That means they get to stay on the farm and make more strange babies.  My sweet honey says he will only keep them if he thinks they will be good mommas, but I really know he would not keep them at all if I did not like them.  He’s really good to me. :)

haybabycow 015            haybabycow 028
haybabycow 014          haybabycow 024

These babies are my favorite thing about cattle farming.  It was heartbreaking when we had to wean the big babies from their mommas the other day.  They both cry and bellow for each other.  I walked outside at night  and could hear them down at the cow pens.  I pass the fields we have worked and the mommas are still hanging around the cow pens because that is the last place they saw their babies.  It has to happen and it was time… some of the calves were as big as their mommas.  Now these mommas can concentrate on the babies in their tummies ready to be born and already born.  It is a cycle.  It is amazing to watch and experience life in this way.


haybabycow 020             haybabycow 025
haybabycow 017                 haybabycow 018

I think our cows are really lucky to live on our farm.  We really try our best to look out for them and give them the best possible care.  They seem appreciative enough and I truly think there will be a special place in Heaven for the keepers of His animals.  Especially the good ones!!  I love farmers… especially mine!!!


  1. Kellee, I'm so glad I got to meet you at the pumpkin party. I just love your blog. You write from the overflow of your heart and I appreciate authenticity. Your man is good to keep those "strange colored" babies for you. :)

    1. so good to meet you too. and i am glad you read and like my work. i do write from the heart so that is why it is so fun and easy. so glad to know i have a fan!!!!